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Students and their Parents Role

Most beginner students do not know the concept of what regular practice means. The parents can play a massive role to instill this habit. For young students, this means sitting next to them or at least being in the same room while they practice. If the parents are of a musical nature, it will certainly help a great deal, but if they aren’t, just by being there whilst the student practices can be a massive help. Why would a child who is new to the guitar want to practice for possibly 30 minutes or longer all by herself/himself doing the same thing over and over? I know I didn’t like doing this when I was first learning. In fact more often than not, I usually practiced for 5 minutes and then put the guitar down. But if I knew one of my parents was close by to watch and encourage me, I would have practiced a lot longer. In the end I did practice for longer periods as my parents knew how much it helped and encouraged me.  Some students will just go and practice by themselves like a dream, but the reality is that most need to be reminded, persuaded, or even bribed to do so. Practicing can be hard work. It is not always fun, and it certainly can be a lonely activity.

Another role that the parents can take is to encourage the student to perform in front of other people. Even the process of playing in front of family and friends often enough, greatly enhances their learning experience. This should be highly encouraged and praised. Here at SJR Music, I have students that are currently studying their exams in their guitar lessons Hull. They will often practice in front of my family members and friends to give them that experience needed for when they face a complete stranger in their actual exam.

The parent communicating with the teacher and being actively involved is another great way to help their child. As students’ progress, parents don’t have to attend lessons anymore, but should always be interested in and be aware of the students’ progress. Communicate with the teacher often to check mutual expectations. Let the teacher know of any changes in family circumstances. Paying attention to what the teacher says in the lessons should give parents enough idea of what needs to be accomplished at home.

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