Why Choose Us?

One of the most important roles of a guitar teacher is to give you the support and guidance needed for you to progress at the fastest possible rate.

We will set up short and long term goals for you to aim towards. We will then create a plan of action which will enable you to reach your goals in the shortest possible time. Our job is all about getting you to where you want to be in your playing and that means getting RESULTS. You just won’t be taught on how to play the guitar, but you will be coached towards success. Think of us as your mentor, not just your guitar teacher. Having weekly lessons can keep you motivated. As you are spending your hard earned money on lessons, you are a lot more likely to practice more and keep motivated to do so. Let’s face it, none of us like wasting money. You will be taught the right things to learn at the right time and in the right way. This is often done wrong when learning on your own.

What you will get when you take lessons with us.

Email support – If you have a problem with your practicing or just need advice and are stuck, you can email us with your issue and we will get back to you with some feedback and advice. After every lesson, we will email you what we have gone through and what you should be practicing etc. Audio files may also be sent which may be backing tracks or recordings of your playing. This is a great way to look back on your playing and see the progress you have made.

Audio and/or video recordings of the lessons – It’s a known fact that if you were to be taught anything in a classroom for example, by the time you got home you would only remember around 20% of it. But with these recorded lessons, you can listen to the actual lesson over and over again. And another great thing about these recordings is that you have them forever. You can upload a video of yourself playing the guitar for our assessment and feedback. Sometimes asking for advice over the phone or email cannot fully explain the problem you are having. Recording yourself on video can be much better for me to analyze your playing.

We will keep a history of your playing which tells us exactly what you have been taught, the goals we have both set and the progress you are making. This will enable us to plan for what you need to do, to get you to where you want to be and in the fastest possible time. We will also list your achievements on file. This is great for looking back to see how you have progressed over time.

We have a brand new, clean and professional studio. It is the perfect place to fully develop your skills by learning in an actual musical environment. And most of all, our lessons together will be friendly and fun. It’s one of the most important aspects of learning the guitar.


The disadvantages of learning on your own.

You will never be shown the correct way to practice. Practicing the correct way is essential to becoming a great guitarist as well as really enjoying the instrument. This was one of my major problem areas when I was in my first few years of learning the guitar. People that learn on their own often get their guitar material off the internet. Quite often, this stuff can be an unreliable source of information and be incorrect. It is extremely hard to keep motivated just by learning off the internet. You may develop bad habits that are difficult to correct in the future. With a teacher, these can be picked up early and corrected. You will constantly find yourself frustrated and find that progress is often very slow due to all of the points I have made above. Well, I understand exactly how you feel – learning to play the guitar on your own can be difficult and frustrating! Learning should be a fun and enjoyable experience. Having face to face lessons with a good teacher stopped me from getting frustrated. One other thing you don’t get by learning on your own is you wont get any feedback, support or guidance.

Are you still unsure if studying with us is the right direction to go? Finding the correct guitar teacher is extremely important when it comes to your progress on the guitar. We strongly encourage you to read the article “How to Choose a Guitar Teacher”. We firmly believe in all the topics that are discussed in this article. Just by reading this article alone, it could be one of the most important and beneficial things you do when it comes to choosing the way in which you learn the guitar.